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3 ADHD Factors for focus and success


Step 1: Eliminate toxic additives in food and personal care, beauty products

Toxic Food Additives

Artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives from the diet and artificial colors, and harsh chemicals from personal hygiene products are linked to hyperactivity. Your child's hyperactivity may be a simple problem. There are close to 15,000 chemical food additives made in laboratories that food manufactures put in our foods to improve taste, appear more fresh, be more colorful and last longer. Some of these chemicals include colors made from coal-tar and petrochemicals, flavors made from petroleum and paper factory waste, gasses to stop fruit from ripening and countless other carcinogenic preservatives. These synthesized additives are legally permitted to be contaminated with byproducts including lead, mercury and arsenic. These byproducts are linked to hyperactivity, lack of focus, Alzheimers and more. You can begin to recognize some of these additives by reading labels on food at the supermarket. The human skin can absorb any chemical or dye that in comes into contact with. Some examples could be blue toothpaste, red shampoo or even colored vitamins that you buy at the drug store. The ingredients should be listed labels on food, skin products, cleaning and hygiene products that you buy and use.  You don't have to stop eating certain types of foods but, you can recognize and select the natural version. Eliminating these toxins may be one of the simplest ways to increase focus naturally. For more information and help about how to identify and eliminate these additives, please visit our Food Additives Quick-List. The best resource for identifying these additives is The Feingold Association at

As a good rule of thumb, artificial colors are typically designated by a color followed by a number such as Red No.2 which was banned after a large controversy and tests showing that it caused cancer and stillbirths in rats. Dyes like Yellow 5 have actually been banned in Austria, Norway and other European countries but is still legal in the US and packaged in American foods. These synthetic colors have been linked with hyperactivity in children and cancer since the seventies. They are used in snacks, deserts, meats and even oranges to appear more orange.

Artificial flavors are typically be designated as, artificial flavor. Sometimes a dead give away will be the front of the box that will state, artificially flavored. These flavors are synthetic and toxic.The third major group to eliminate is preservatives.  Here are a few of the most common, BHT, BHA and TBHQ. Preservatives have been linked with cancer, heart damage and ADHD. Some artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sorbitol, saccharin and sucralose are neurotoxins and can have an adverse affect on the brain. Here is a quick list of some of the symptoms associated with food additives aside from hyperactivity: fatigue, asthma, skin rashes, eczema, headaches, thyroid disfunction, dizziness, hallucinations, estrogen imbalance, high cholesterol, liver, heart, testicle and kidney damage, obesity, stroke, difficulty breathing, gastrointestinal disease, diarrhea, incontinence, tumors and cancer.

Targeted Nutrition: ADHD Supplements

Focus Packs are ADHD supplements for adults and children and are available in our online store. Focus packs contain four different supplements, a multi-vitamin & mineral, neurotransmitters, probiotics and omega 3 oils. Imagine your human mind and body as a complicated car that requires thousands of different fuels and fuel combinations to run smoothly. Removing just one of these fuels would be devastating and your complicated car would break down and not work properly. If the body's digestion is not functioning at 100%, it cannot process the nutrients it needs from your food. A compromised digestive system is common in ADHD individuals and creates unhealthy environment in the digestive tract. This encourages destructive bacteria and yeast to populate. The result is a decline in absorption and biochemical synthesis. Below see all the metabolic pathways that must take place for your brain and body to function properly. Imagine what would happen by removing just one ingredient.

Step 2: Nutritional Supplements for ADHD
Step 3: Repair and Thrive. Social positivity for ADHD. Benefits of ADHD

Social Positivity for ADHD

Let’s be positive. The stigma associated with ADHD can be very damaging especially to a child’s sensitive self esteem. It is important to never make anyone feel bad about their condition. It is very important to treat a struggling individual with positivity. Look for ways to lift them up, focus on things that they are good at and foster their talents. In fact there are some real positives.

The first step to being positive is having a better understanding where ADHD came from. Geneticists and anthropologists have discovered a gene they believe is responsible for ADHD and most interestingly, it was positively selected by evolution. This means that people with the gene had a better chance for survival when most humans were hunting and gathering as a lifestyle. People with ADHD generally have traits that would have been very advantageous to that lifestyle but, unfortunately those same traits may not be very helpful in a classroom setting.

Today ADHD individuals can be very well adept to creative pursuits like art, music and even business. Hyperfocus is associated with ADHD individuals and can be described something like tunnel vision. It allows someone to focus very deeply and intensely on something they are interested in. Again, this may be difficult to manage in the classroom however, if turned in the right direction, hyperfocus can be a very positive tool for success.

There may be changes and healing taking place. The body and mind time to repair. Pay attention to positive changes in your child's behavior, performance at school, interactions with others and changes in your own personal relationship with your child. Look for positive developments in your child's overall health, an improved immune system and better digestion. Look for visible problems such as aggression, hyperactivity, fatigue, lack of focus, rashes, constipation, diarrhea, bed wetting, headaches, belly aches and others should go away.  This is a process change and discovery. You may find that modifications to your own or your family's lifestyle are necessary to accommodate your adapting child.

Possibly the most important aspect of this step is to understand what it means to have a diagnosis of ADHD. ADHD is less prevalent in adults than children. More than likely this is due to the mobility of the workforce versus the rigidity of the classroom. ADHD individuals that reach adulthood have the freedom to choose a line or work that better suits their unique attention patterns, abilities and interests. In this this type of atmosphere, ADHD symptoms become less of a hinderance and more of an advantage. ADHD individuals have been described as focusing on what captivates their interest and rather than what someone (e.g. a teacher) says is important. ADHD individuals typically excel in arts, sciences and any field or specialty that fascinates their interest. 

At any point, choosing to ween your child from prior drugs or medications should be done slowly and under the supervision of a doctor or health care physician.

For individuals with severe and acute conditions we have specific testing for ADHD issues as well as herbal remedies for detoxification. The test kits are simple take-at-home tests which are then mailed to a corresponding lab. The cost includes a phone consultation with on of our doctors where he or she will go over your lab results with you. 

Simple Take at Home Test Kits

Laboratory Results

IgG lab test results for food sensitivities

IGG Food Sensitivity Test 

Our digestive tract is the gateway to the environment that surrounds us. Through eating and drinking we absorb most of all the nutrients to make our complex body operate. After food is processed in our intestines, these nutrients or fuels break down into thousands organic and inorganic chemicals and compounds to run all of our body's systems and functions. It is a complex symphony of bio-chemical pathways like a highly organized mess of dependent and codependent relationships. If we remove just one of the many ingredients such as an amino acid, these relationships can fall apart. This is essentially what happens when there is a digestive issue. Our digestive tract can no longer function properly and therefore cannot correctly process all the nutrients to support all of the other functions in the body including brain function.

ADHD kids almost universally have food intolerances/sensitivities and these sensitivities easily go virtually unnoticed by their parents and doctors. Food intolerances create inflammation in the gut and ultimately lead to digestive issues characterized by stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, anxiety, behavioral problems and yeast overgrowth. The digestive tract can no longer absorb and process nutrients correctly. This leads to nutritional deficiencies in amino acidsvitaminsmineralsfatty acids and other nutrients needed for the mind and body to function correctly. It is a cycle that only spirals downward if not identified and resolved. Common foods that children have sensitivities to include dairy, gluten, soy, eggs and nuts. It is critical for your child to take a food sensitivity test and identify these silent irritants to his or her system.  

Digestive enzymes will aid and assist your child's digestion and can also be very helpful in the case of food sensitivities.

Eliminate all foods causing intolerance and allergic reactions.  These foods can cause disruptive immune responses in the body and have been linked to behavior. 

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Organic Acids Test

This Organic Acids Test is the most important test in the Advanced Program.  It will gauge the severity of yeast and harmful bacteria overgrowth in the digestive tract.  These microorganisms can cause hyperactivity, fatigue, digestive disfunction and immune disfunction among other problems.  They produce oxalates which can form destructive crystals that become deposited in the body's tissues.  Recent research has revealed a correlation between high oxalate levels and Autism.  Oxalates are also found in foods. This test will also allow us to look into your own unique metabolic profile and identify certain nutritional deficiencies.  Once we find out what you or your child's specific nutritional deficiencies are, we can recommend specific supplements to counter those deficiencies.

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Lab test for organic acids
Lab test for neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitter Test

We have discussed neurotransmitters and their importance more in our Focus Program. They are the messengers of your nervous system, made from amino acids, passing along signals from neuron to neuron. Without them, mental process would not take place. There are numerous neurotransmitters with many different jobs to do. ADHD kids and adults often have imbalances in the neurotransmitter dopamine as well as other potential imbalances. This test will detect healthy or unhealthy levels of various neurotransmitters. With this information we will know what specific amino acid supplements could help bring back healthy balance to these neurotransmitter levels.

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Heavy Metal Test

Toxic metals from our modern environment and medicines are deposited into our tissues and brain.  Every person has a different inherent, genetic ability to rid the body of these metals through the natural process of detoxification.  If detox factors or ability are not favorable, these toxic metals can congregate in high levels and cause damage developmentally and neurologically.  For individuals with high toxic levels, it is critical to aid the body through supplementation to detoxify the body of these metals.  It is worth while to note here that individuals with high levels of oxalates could also be at a higher risk from metal toxicity being that oxalates can help to trap metals in the body.

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Test Kit for heavy metals
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