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Teen & Adult Multivitamin (2 a day)



This moderate potency multiple vitamin/mineral/trace element supplement is provided in just 2 tablets or capsules daily, yet provides significant amounts of essential nutrients in well-utilized forms. It is ideal as a convenient daily insurance formula and a good alternative for those who cannot or are reluctant to take the recommended 6 daily tablets or capsules of our more comprehensive 6 a day formula. This multi-vitamin utilizes similar nutrient  formulas to maintain efficient bioavailability, but contains reduced amounts of calcium and magnesium and several other nutrients. Activated forms of folate and vitamin B12 are included along with efficiently utilized mineral forms and fat-soluble vitamins. Compared to common, over-the-counter multivitamin products delivered in 1 tablet daily, our 2 a day formula offers enhanced antioxidant protection, broader trace element nutrition, and augmented B vitamin support. This core foundation of essential nutrients thus provides an extra measure of nutritional protection that can be recommended for routine daily use. 

Suggested Use: 

1 capsule twice daily with food. 

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multivitamin 2a.jpg
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