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Natural ADHD Supplements

KIDS - Focus Pack

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Is your child struggling in school? Raising a child diagnosed with ADHD, attention issues or hyperactivity can be a real challenge. Nutrition has been proven to have a direct effect on ADHD symptoms and behavior. Our Focus pack includes a multivitamin and mineral, probiotic, omega-3 and amino-acid. Choose one from each category.


Multi Vitamin Mineral

Optimal Multivitamin Chewable -Seeking Health

Junior Nutrients (capsules) - Pure Encapsulations




Kids Probiotic Chewable - Naturally Focus & Balance



ProOmega 2000 Jr - Nordic Naturals

DHA Junior - Nordic Naturals

Nano EPA DHA - Biopharma


Amino Acid

Calm Kids - Terry Naturally

Dopa Focus (Powder) - Naturally Focus & Balance

Multi Vitamin Mineral:
Omega-3 DHA:
Amino Acid:
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