ADHD Naturally Help

If you need assistance or help with ordering supplements and test kits or guidance about the best way to proceed with our program, please contact us.  We will be happy to assist you.  You may also call to schedule a phone consult with one of our doctors or an ADHD Naturally specialist. 

ADHD Naturally

8715 E. Via de Commercio - Scottsdale, AZ 85258

(602) 469-5730

*If you wish to offer or order a gift certificate or assistance for specific child or adult, please call us so that we can work together and do our very best to help. 


Phone Consultations

If you are needing further assistance with our program, please call to schedule a phone consultation with one of our doctors.  All lab testing, includes a follow up 30 minute consult at no additional charge.  We will contact you with the information you provide at the time you purchase your test to set up this appointment.

ADHD Naturally

(602) 469-5730

Phone Appointments available

30 minutes          $75.00

45 minutes         $100.00

60 Minutes         $125.00


Return Policy

If you would like to return an unopened product, please contact our customer service by phone or email within three weeks of the post-marked date of the delivery.


ADHD Less Fortunate Fund

We have designed a fund for those less fortunate who do not have a choice in their healthcare. 100% of donations go to children and individuals who would like to use our program but cannot afford it. Thank you.