Stop drugging ADHD kids — and start teaching them to use their gifts

According to a recent study, students with ADHD are 2.7 times more likely to have dropped out of school before high school graduation. Yet the No. 1 way to lower dropout rates is to introduce students to something they’re passionate about — whether it’s sports, music or any subject. The answer isn’t “Throw them on meds and hope for the best.”

It’s time to stop looking at ADHD as a negative, and start understanding the positives and incredible benefits of being gifted with a brain that runs a thousand times faster than normal. Teachers need to understand that a student with a faster brain doesn’t automatically equate to “difficult to teach,” but rather, that much more interested and able to learn, if the information is presented in a way that reaches that student.

“Copy down, learn, get tested and forget” isn’t the way to grab the attention of an ADHD student, and often results in what’s perceived as negative behavior, when in fact, it’s a cry for help. ADHD children want to learn, they’re many times more curious and exploratory, but they need to be allowed to take in the information in a different way.

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