ADD/ADHD or Other Names for Malnutrition

by Samuel C. Zeiler M.S., C.N.

Our fast-paced, fast-food, fast-everything, convenience oriented, sedentary lifestyle has put demands on our bodily systems that were never intended. In the process of preparing packaged and fast-foods, most of the available nutrients and fiber are removed. Couple this with the fact that most children avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits for one reason or another.

How does this relate to ADD and ADHD? Consider that the brain runs on vitamins, minerals, oxygen and blood sugar in a combinations that are called neurotransmitters. Under stress and a diet high in simple carbohydrates, the natural brain function uses up the neurotransmitters and can only replace them if the necessary building blocks are present. These building blocks come from fresh fruits and vegetables, essential fats and high quality, protein sources.

...  Mold from an overly damp environment or poor ventilation can cause a myriad of health challenges including neurologic disturbances. Clean up the mold that may or may not be visible. Keep the house well ventilated with fresh clean air. A filter system may be additional benefit in more polluted or high pollen areas.

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