Test and Educate Before you Medicate Your ADHD Child

Reclaim your Child from a label including ADHD, ADD, or a diagnosis or possible medication that may alter their emotional and physical health for the rest of their life. These are very critical years ahead that influence your child's life.   

Think back and remember the moment when you first saw and then held your new baby or child for the first time.  We can not even imagine where those tittle feet will travel but immediately our protective instincts are in place.  We will do anything to protect the new life that we are responsible for.  How beautiful and enormous is our love that we freely give and surround our children with.  We all know in our hearts that we want the best for our children as we take on the daily responsibility to provide them a loving and nurturing environment.  

Our goal at ADHD Naturally is to open your minds to explore and learn a new program and ideas that may alter your course of action with your children or perhaps yourself or loved ones.  Please read this website to educate and empower yourself to learn all the facts and make a decision to best help your child or perhaps yourself.  Let us offer help and encouragement to travel a new road to explore and learn how research experts, physicians and many parents handle issues you may be facing.  

 We hope to instill some purpose, passion and courage to step out and share with others as you witness the positive changes.  Please look at the current statistics on the site under ADHD FACTS and you will realize that we have an enormous job ahead of us!  Please spend time on our site and test and educate before you medicate.  Natural and safe therapies do work!  



Some Research to look at....

Sensitivity to food colors and flavors:

"This study demonstrated a functional relation between the ingestion of a synthetic food color (tartrazine) and behavioral change in 24 atopic (allergic) children, with marked reactions being observed at all six dosage levels of dye challenge. When they reacted to the (food) dye, the younger children had constant crying, tantrums, irritability, restlessness, severe sleep disturbance, and were described as 'out-of-control, easily distracted and excited, and high as a kite'."

- Rowe K and Rowe K. Synthetic food coloring and behavior: A dose response effect in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, repeated measures study. J. Pediatrics 125: 691-698, 1994.

ADHD and toxic metals:

"The striking dose-response relationship between levels of lead and negative teacher ratings remained significant after controlling for age, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status. An even stronger relationship existed between physician-diagnosed attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and hair lead in the same children. There was no apparent 'safe' threshold for children."

- Tuthill R. Hair lead levels related to children's classroom attention-deficit behavior. Archives of Environmental Health 51: 214-225, 1996