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Natural ADHD Supplements for Children and Adults

We have selected the best natural health supplements for children, teens and adults to use along with our Focus Program.  Our supplements are medical grade and difficult to find.


Changing our view on ADHD Treatment

Every child, every person has different and unique behavioral patterns.  Some of these behavioral patterns are caused by genetics, some are caused by our environment and some by our life experiences.  Behavioral patterns can be shaped by a combination of all three influences.

Unfortunately we tend to group people with similar behavioral patterns together and treat them all the same.  It is a practice that is ineffective and can be ultimately destructive.  Here are two interesting encyclopedia quotes:  1. Current models of ADHD suggest that it is associated with functional impairments in some of the brain's neurotransmitter systems  2. The diagnosis of ADHD can represent family dysfunction or a poor educational system rather than an individual problem.  If these two statements are true, people are being diagnosed with ADHD everyday for very different reasons.

The United States uses different criteria to diagnose ADHD than the rest of the world and subsequently has more cases and more individuals medicated than any other country.  How accurate are these diagnoses? How precise of a disorder is ADHD? Is is possible that there are a multitude of factors contributing to ADHD like behavior?


Creating a Scientific and Natural Approach to A.D.H.D.

We strive to provide a more scientific and natural approach to the complex factors contributing to ADHD, through supplementation, diet and lab testing. To increase awareness of new information and to help support healthier choices for ADHD and ADD. 

The ADHD Positives

Children and adults who are described as having ADHD typically share a number of positive traits.  These positive traits can be advantageous in learning and in life.  Unfortunately schools and institutions often ignore these positive traits in attempt to conform individuals who don't "fit in."  Here are some of these positive traits that should be embraced, encouraged and nurtured.

1.  Creativity:  Children described as having ADD or ADHD are often the children who are most creative.  They exceed in areas like music, art and writing.  They are great at brainstorming and coming up with new ideas

2.  Focal Intensity:  It is often difficult for children described as ADHD to focus or pay attention to the task at hand.  On the contrary, if the task or subject is something of real interest, these children have an extreme ability to focus deeply.  They can focus so intensely that it can be difficult to remove them or redirect them from this task.  It has been referred to as Hyperfocus.

3.  Intuition:   Distraction can have it's upside.  These children often take in more details about their environment and pick up more about the people they interact with.  They are very good forging close relationships.

4.  Sensitivity:  Being over sensitive comes with it's challenges but, sensitive children can be very sympathetic, empathetic, caring and generous.

5  Flexibility:  These often restless minds often do not settle on one plan, one way of thinking or one way of doing things.  They are capable of changing and adapting to new situations and approaching problems with curiosity and resilience.

6.  Energy:  At times this extraordinary energy can be difficult to control but if harnessed correctly, this energy can be used to accomplish wonderful things.

7.  Sparkling Personality:  These individuals can posses what others see at the most attractive and unique personalities.  They often have a great sense of humor, are impulsive, spontaneous and are considered to be the last of the romantics.


Our Story

How did we get here?  Well to start with, there was a lot of doodling in class. And I mean a lot.  My parents were constantly being brought into special school meetings to listen to various teachers and guidance counselors complain about my academic habits.  

"He draws in class, he doesn't turn in homework, he doesn't pay attention, he's always late," this was pretty much the standard fair.  My parents would typically in turn ask about my test scores to which the teachers would always reply that they were high. 

"So what's the problem," my parents would ask?  My mother and father tried their hardest to get me to turn in homework and arrive on time to class.  Fortunately, they never gave up on me and continued to encourage my success.  At one point the school even enrolled me in a special needs class called Speech which was for kids with developmental problems.  The parent-teacher conferences continued year after year although my grades were high (except for homework).  I faced numerous detentions for not paying attention in class, incomplete assignments and tardiness.  I simply did not fit into classroom structure. The school basically labeled me as ADD and my parents became under increasing pressure to drug me.  At that time the drug of choice was Ritalin.  My parents flat out said, "no."

     That was pretty much the way things went for most of my school career, a struggle.  I think it was actually more of a struggle for my teachers than it was for myself.  My parents had always built me up and never made me feel bad about my differences from the other kids and always encouraged me about the things that I was really good at like drawing, painting and my favorite subjects.  My teachers were frustrated that they simply couldn't get me to behave and perform the way they wanted me to.

     How did it all turn out?  Well, remember that speech class for kids with developmental problems?  After graduating high school I went on to be accepted to several foreign studies programs and became fluent in four different foreign languages.  I guess that speech class wasn't so appropriate for me after all.  The doodling, drawing must have paid off because in 2000 I was accepted to art school at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for a major in Filmmaking.  After graduating college I moved to Los Angeles to begin my career in film and television. Since, I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people such as director James Cameron.  I have also been able to win three Emmy Awards for my work in 3D television.  

     I can't thank my parents enough for the positive approach that they took with me all those years ago.  Instead of looking to medication to solve our problems they looked first to diet and positive reenforcement.  Rather than simply listening to the school they brought be to an outside learning specialist to help diagnose my strengths and needs.  They had learned their lesson about the importance of diet years earlier with my older brother.  He had been experiencing extreme behavioral problems with hyperactivity, depression, anxiety and random fits.  They heard about the Feingold Association and how some children can have extreme reactions to the artificial/synthetic dyes, flavors and preservatives in our food.  My parents changed his diet and removed all of the artificial additives.  It was like flipping a light switch.  Suddenly my brother was just a happy normal kid with no fits of hyperactivity, depression, anger or anxiety.  They were so impressed with the results that they soon put the whole family on the same diet.  There were no Whole Foods or natural grocery stores back in those days so they had to work incredibly hard at it. I'm sure that a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's would have been the answer to my mother's prayers back in the 80's.  Today it seems like the whole world is following suit in trying to remove harmful additives from the diet and getting back to more basic and natural foods.

     The final development in the story was that at fifty years old, my father had a professional change of heart and decided to go to medical school to become a doctor.  He graduated in 2006 and has been practicing medicine ever since.  Many of his patients are children diagnosed with ADHD or have similar struggles to the ones that I faced.  As I have always had an interest in biology, together with my father we have developed the Focus Program and Advanced Program.  We have utilized new important research along with many of the things that we learned over the years to create these protocols designed to shed light on potential causes of the ADHD diagnosis as well as solutions.  

     I remembered the "ADHD" kids who weren't as fortunate as I was, who were put on drugs like Ritalin and Adderall.  They were my friends, my classmates and I remember how they changed, how they became more distant and alienated from everyone else. I remember how one medication led to more medications.  I remember them standing in line at the nurses office to take their pills.  Some of their behavioral problems continued and worsened and some of these kids ultimately left school.  It saddens me.  My mother has been passionate about this since her first parent-teacher conference.  Together with her passion, my father's experience and my creativity we have developed this site and these programs as resources to help both children and adults grow to reach their full potentials, to better understand "ADHD" and to avoid the negative stigmas associated with it.