Natural ADHD Supplement Advanced Program

Our Advanced Program is designed for those individuals who are looking for a more in-depth investigation into possible causes and resolutions for their ADHD.   It is also for those suffering from more severe or unresolved cases and are looking for answers.  The first step of the Advanced Program is to follow all of the guidelines outlined in our Focus Program.  Next, there are a series of tests for you to take in the privacy of your own home.  Once the results are in, we can construct a supplemental protocol personalized to your specific needs.

STEP 1 - Focus Program

Follow all of the steps and guidelines outlined in our Focus Program including the IgG Food Sensitivity Test.  Please visit our Focus Program page.


STEP 2 - Tests

We recommend that you call our support line at (602) 469-5730 to set up a free consultation with one of our doctors who can which tests might be right for you.  All of our test can be conveniently taken at home.

1. IGG Food Sensitivity Test 

Our digestive tract is the gateway to the environment that surrounds us. Through eating and drinking we absorb most of all the nutrients to make our complex body operate. After food is processed in our intestines, these nutrients or fuels break down into thousands organic and inorganic chemicals and compounds to run all of our body's systems and functions. It is a complex symphony of bio-chemical pathways like a highly organized mess of dependent and codependent relationships. If we remove just one of the many ingredients such as an amino acid, these relationships can fall apart. This is essentially what happens when there is a digestive issue. Our digestive tract can no longer function properly and therefore cannot correctly process all the nutrients to support all of the other functions in the body including brain function.

ADHD kids almost universally have food intolerances/sensitivities and these sensitivities easily go virtually unnoticed by their parents and doctors. Food intolerances create inflammation in the gut and ultimately lead to digestive issues characterized by stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, anxiety, behavioral problems and yeast overgrowth. The digestive tract can no longer absorb and process nutrients correctly. This leads to nutritional deficiencies in amino acidsvitaminsmineralsfatty acids and other nutrients needed for the mind and body to function correctly. It is a cycle that only spirals downward if not identified and resolved. Common foods that children have sensitivities to include dairy, gluten, soy, eggs and nuts. It is critical for your child to take a food sensitivity test and identify these silent irritants to his or her system.  

Digestive enzymes will aid and assist your child's digestion and can also be very helpful in the case of food sensitivities.

Eliminate all foods causing intolerance and allergic reactions.  These foods can cause disruptive immune responses in the body and have been linked to behavior. 



          2.  Organic Acids Test

This Organic Acids Test is the most important test in the Advanced Program.  It will gauge the severity of yeast and harmful bacteria overgrowth in the digestive tract.  These microorganisms can cause hyperactivity, fatigue, digestive disfunction and immune disfunction among other problems.  They produce oxalates which can form destructive crystals that become deposited in the body's tissues.  Recent research has revealed a correlation between high oxalate levels and Autism.  Oxalates are also found in foods, follow this link to a list of foods high in oxalates. This test will also allow us to look into your own unique metabolic profile and identify certain nutritional deficiencies.  Once we find out what you or your child's specific nutritional deficiencies are, we can recommend specific supplements to counter those deficiencies.



3.  Heavy Metal Test

Toxic metals from our modern environment and medicines are deposited into our tissues and brain.  Every person has a different inherent, genetic ability to rid the body of these metals through the natural process of detoxification.  If detox factors or ability are not favorable, these toxic metals can congregate in high levels and cause damage developmentally and neurologically.  For individuals with high toxic levels, it is critical to aid the body through supplementation to detoxify the body of these metals.  It is worth while to note here that individuals with high levels of oxalates could also be at a higher risk from metal toxicity being that oxalates can help to trap metals in the body.



          4.  Neurotransmitter Test

We have discussed neurotransmitters and their importance more on our Focus Program page.  They are the messengers of your nervous system, made from amino acids, passing along signals from neuron to neuron.  Without them, mental process would not take place.  This test will identify which neurotransmitters exist in healthy balance and which neurotransmitters are at high or low levels.  With this information we will know what specific amino acid supplements will help bring back healthy balance to these neurotransmitter levels.



STEP 3 - Balance, Detoxify and Repair

Once your test results are in, you will have a free phone consultation to discuss your results with one of our doctors.  Together you will construct a game plan to balance, detoxify and repair your body.